SAMANTHA GOMEZ, Foshay Learning Center

La casa de historia La casa de historia is about a house with nothing but history. On my map, I wrote down all the names of people who used to sleep in the rooms. My family and I have had this house for almost about 40 years. My dad grew up in this house, and so did my siblings and I. But we can’t forget lots of my family and other close friends from my family did as well. I couldn’t get all their names because my grandma isn’t here at the moment but just know it's been lots of people. I have a love-hate relationship with my house. I have very good memories that I will be talking about, but I have some bad ones that I won’t talk about, but everything has made me into who I am today. A good memory I have is when all my cousins moved in with me and my family, and I gave up my room for my tio and tia. At that time it was 22 people living in my house with one bathroom. Can you imagine? I had so much fun when they moved in. All my cousins and I slept on the living room floor, and we enjoyed it. It was nothing but fun especially on Fridays. We would have a get-together and order out. I love my childhood.

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